Buying a car doesn’t have to take up your day


Sometimes buying a car can take a long time. A lot of people think they need to set aside an entire day. That’s not the case with us at Cars and Credit.

The average time can take between an hour to an hour and a half, but it depends on if they have everything ready that we require. It also depends on if they’ve picked a vehicle right away.

When a customer has everything ready, it usually takes about 30-45 minutes. How long they spend here depends on them; our process can be pretty simple and fast. If they come ready, it definitely won’t take up a chunk of their day.

It also helps if they know what type of vehicle they want to purchase. Of course, after the application approval we’ll know what they can afford. If the customer is pre-approved for a certain amount before they come in, we can look at their debt-to-income ratio and have vehicles lined up for them to look at and test drive that fit their budget. That shortens the amount of time spend here too.

When they come in, we require two paycheck stubs, a piece of mail to verify their address, two forms of ID, and six references with their names, addresses, and phone numbers will make it a lot easier. We fill out the applications. They don’t have to fill it out. Once we have that information, it’s easier for to fill the application out, and everything goes a lot faster.

So if customers have been pre-qualified over the phone, or through the online application or over the phone, they can come in with mail, paycheck stubs, two forms of ID and references, then test drive the vehicle they want, get the paperwork printed out and signed, and they’ll be good to go. Payments are set up for however they get paid: weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly.
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