The most important thing to know when buying a used car

For someone who wants to buy a used car and they’re looking at dealers, buying it on the street or other options, I suggest to look for the most dependable place and see if you can get financed or qualified in order to buy there.

So if you find a buy-here pay-here dealership versus buying from somebody on the street, you need to look at a few facts.

If you want to buy a cash vehicle off of the street, the seller is not going to have something like Carfax or AutoCheck—we use AutoCheck—it’s a detailed report on the condition of the vehicle, where it’s been, if it’s had any accidents, if it’s had salvaged titles, any roll backs in the odometer, etc.  It has a lot of information for that vehicle’s history. It’s a vehicle history report.

The car off the street also might not have gone through the reconditioning process, so you don’t really know what condition the vehicle is actually in. Versus Cars and Credit, we have an AutoCheck report, and our mechanic on site inspect all of our vehicles.

When we get a vehicle, our mechanic does a multi-point inspection: checks brakes, tires, oil, transmission fluid, windshield wipers, and antifreeze—anything like that. We fix anything that keeps the vehicle from functioning. Windows—we fix all of that. If the vehicle needs tires, we’re going to replace them, because that’s one of the first things that people look at.

We need to have a good quality running vehicle in order for us to be able to sell it. Our vehicles for sale are in much better condition than something off the street. Almost like buying a newer used car.  

There’s a lot of competition, so we have to make sure that any vehicle we sell is in good condition and good quality for our customers.  
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